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Complete list (in German)

Single listings  (in German)
1- Awards, badges, decorations from 1813-1932, incl. WW I
2- Uniforms, insignia, belt buckles, equipment til 1918
3- Various, patriotic and reservistic items til 1932
4- General awards, badges, decorations 1933-1945
5- Awards, badges, decorations – Wehrmacht (army)
6- Awards, badges, decorations – Wehrmacht Luftwaffe
    (air force)
7- Awards, badges, decorations – Wehrmacht Kriegsmarine
8- Awards, badges, decorations – NSDAP, Waffen-SS,
    Schutzstaffel, SA

 9- Awards, badges, decorations – Organisations, Red-Cross,
     Police, Fire brigade, Reichsarbeitsdienst

10- Badges, decorations – Hitler-youth, German youth
11- Awards, badges, decorations – Sports, Olympic games
  12- Miniatures of awards and decorations from 1870-1957
13- Collector reproductions – items with destroyed swastika –
      design after 1957
14- Tinnies, and rally badges, membership badges and pins
15- Medal bars WW I + II
16- Insignia, belts, belt buckles, brocade belts,
      dog tags 1933-1945
  17- Equipment, optical items until 1945
18- Uniforms, steel helmets, visor hats,
      overseas caps 1933-1945
19- Various, patriotic and reservistic items until 1945
20- Edged weapons, spare parts 1870-1945

21- Porcelain, cutlery’s, all parts with swastika, Deutsche
      Arbeitsfront, army, air force, marine, Reichsarbeitsdienst,
      Reichswehr, SS und various

22- Foreign countries until 1945
23- Foreign countries after 1945
24- Bundeswehr – German Federal Republic
25- Books, collector’s albums
  26- Newspapers, magazines
  27- Field post, postcards, Photo albums,
      Military maps til 1932

  28- Field post, postcards, Photo albums,
      Military maps III. Reich

  29- Military-and civil award certifications from 1800,
      WW 1, untill 1932
  30- Military-and civil award certifications III. Reich
  31- Military passports, Sold books,
      Documents until 1932

  32- Military passports, Sold books,
      Documents – III.Reich
  33- Convolutes (small collections)
  34- Various items
  35- Special offers
  36- Toys 1870-1945
  37- Last minute
  38- 21cm figures, scale 1:9 - NEW: Fotos of the figures here


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All items mentioned in this list originate from my personal collection. The originality of this items will be guaranteed if not mentioned seperately.

Shipment to foreign countries only after receipt of money via bank- or
postorder in Euro or cash. All without additional cost for me!

          My bank account: No. 1353469313  BLZ. 200 505 50 at
                                       Hamburger Sparkasse; Hamburg, Germany
                                       IBAN: DE 94200505501353469313

                                       SWIFT Code / Bic-Nr. HASPDEHHXXX

Cost of shipment and packaging depending on size of items and cost of transportation. I will choose the way of most secure transportation according of the value of the goods. There will be no replacement for lost goods, which are not to be refunded by the carrier. 

Money back guarantee within 7 days. Originality will be guaranteed for 3 month.
Shipment cost for returned goods have to be paid by sender. Sales will be accepted according to order intake or reservations.  No guarantee for availability if items are sold out. Some artikles are on stock several times. If ordering please indicate the list numbers. Thank you. This list is replacing all earlier versions. Pictures will be send per e-mail on demand .

All prices indicated in EURO.     

For further information please don´t hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely


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